In order to contribute to the Sultanate’s efforts towards electronic transformation and to be the leading Omani company in providing design and implementation services for electronic data collection systems, the idea came from the Data Mining Company for Economic and Social Studies and Research (Data Mining) to create an Omani platform specialized in collecting various data called “electronic survey platform” (Estebyan), this platform simplifies data collection and descriptive data analysis, in order to help users understand data trends and build on them in making decisions

Data play a pivotal role in making various decisions, and as such it is the necessary tool in supporting planning processes and decision-makers, and it is the main part in setting development plans and achieving sustainable development in all sectors.

The “Estebyan” platform is based on finding the necessary support in the process of collecting quantitative and qualitative data, by creating the questionnaire according to the type of data, as it contains different types of questions according to the data to be collected, and based on the type of questions that need to be obtained from various sources. The platform also has several characteristics, including descriptive analysis through various graphs, frequency tables and complex tables in which the number of variables exceeds two variables, and thus it is a tool for data collection and analysis

  • Store and save data locally.
  • Use Arabic and English languages.
  • Ease of use and it is not a requirement that the user must be a specialist in software, statistics, or other related sciences and disciplines.
  • Collect data with or without internet availability (online and offline).
  • Collect data through a link, and data collection can be controlled to ensure its accuracy and credibility.
  • The existence of a follow-up panel or dashboard, in order to follow up the response first-hand, and then direct the concerned parties to follow-up data collection towards a number of procedures to ensure.
  • the collection of data from the various respondents to the questionnaire according to the chosen sample.
  • Conduct descriptive analysis with graphs and tables.
  • Create questionnaires for multiple data.
  • Convert raw data into an Excel or SPSS  software package.

Here are several benefits that the entity will gain from using “Estebyan” platform, including:

  • Enabling the entity’s employees to use technology in accordance with the directions of Oman Vision 2040.
  • Collecting data electronically for surveys and studies carried out to facilitate taking various decisions.
  • Enabling specialists to conduct a Meta-Analysis, which will help in understanding the economic and social patterns.
  • The ability to retrieve data at any time in an excel format and conduct comparative studies to support decision-making.
  • Speed in conducting opinion polls in record time, which will support timely decision-making.
  • Supporting small and medium enterprises to contribute to the Omani economy and provide job opportunities for Omanis.
  • All subscribers to the electronic questionnaire platform “Estebyan” receive a subscription according to a specific rate that depends on the duration of the subscription and the number of subscribers per each entity.
    The subscriber gets technical support according to the contract period, and the support includes training in using the system and assistance in building the questionnaire and data analysis processes.